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Training is once, twice or three times a week depending on the player’s objectives and commitment.

All our programs are competitive in nature and all teams are entered into leagues.

The match play and training divisions are as follows:

  • GOLD

– A very competitive division for the athlete who has a good level of football experience, proficiency and technical ability, who has the intent and desire to compete at the highest level, learn and work hard to possibly become a professional footballer.

It is compulsory for athletes to train 3 times a week.


For the athlete who has an average level of football experience, proficiency and technical ability, who wants to be in a competitive environment and to develop his game to the best of his ability

It is compulsory to train twice a week.


For the athlete who has a basic level of football proficiency, who wants to play reasonably competitive football, improve as best he can and have fun.

Training is once a week.


All our training is conducted strictly in accordance with Sporting CP’s methodology and proven know how. The program includes :

  • A professional and rigorous enhanced coaching system
  • Improved skills development
  • Individual attention
  • Academic classroom sessions
  • Constant monitoring
  • Fitness, strength, balance and conditioning


Our passion and objective at Sporting is to develop all players of all levels in the best way possible. We are also serious about developing those that have a real desire to play professional football. Through our rigorous support system, athletes that display exceptional excellence to all aspects of the game have a real opportunity to be develop into world class talents.

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