Adult Training Program

Adult training program cancelled until further notice


We at Sporting, believe in a holistic approach to learning the Beautiful Game. Your journey with us will begin with the fundamentals of football and then progress to what it takes to turn professional. Each session with us is tailored in a way to challenge each individual, whichever level they may be at. Whether you are new to the sport, trying to get back in shape, or a seasoned veteran there is always room to improve with Sporting.

The 2-hour-long sessions will be segmented into three sections: activation, skill, and game.

Activation – Activation is the process of warming up and preparing you for the game. This will be done through Agility, Balance and Coordination exercises with or without the ball.

Skill – Skill refers to the basics of the game, which are Passing, Shooting, Defending, and Attacking.

Game – The game is the best teacher of the sport, as such we allocate most of our time to it. Games can come in various forms such as 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2, and even up to 11 vs 11.

Training days: Tuesday and Friday

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm

Cost: $30

Location: The Cage Sports Park, 220 Turf Club Road 288001