What makes Sporting CP

the best in the world

    • Training methods and coaches certified by Sporting CP
    • SPORTING CP’s youth academy in Alcochette, Lisbon is world famous for being a powerhouse for professional youth football development. Our football coaching know-how and methodology is unique and special.
    • Sporting’s technical expertise and exclusive training program has arrived in Singapore!
    • We are a direct partner and operate as a Licensed Academy of Sporting Clube Portugal.
    • Did you know that 10 of the 14 players that played and won the EURO 2016 final were developed at Sporting CP Academy?
    • Our academy is consistently ranked within the best academies globally in many areas. We were the first academy to have received an ISO9001/2008 certification.
    • Experience supreme coaching and elevate your game to whole new level in a friendly, fun and professional environment.
    • Our athletes will have the opportunity of travelling to our academy and to be trained by other certified Sporting coaches. We will take part in regional and international tournaments


All our training is conducted strictly in accordance with Sporting CP’s methodology and proven know how. The program includes :

  • A professional and rigorous enhanced coaching system
  • Improved skills development
  • Individual attention
  • Academic classroom sessions
  • Constant monitoring
  • Fitness, strength, balance and conditioning

SCPSG Policy

  • Operating hours: 9 AM – 8 PM on Weekdays, 8 AM – 12 PM on Saturdays, Closed Sundays
  • Contact number: +65 8139 5699
  • Email: enrol@sportingsg.com

For any urgent matters, outside of operating hours, kindly contact enrol@sportingsg.com.

Permanent /short –term withdrawal from academy
  • Kindly write in to enrol@sportingsg.com in the above scenario
  • We do not issue any form of refunds, unless the withdrawal from the academy is due to long term injury (supporting medical certificate/s. are required)
Class fees and make up policy
  • Invoices will be sent one week before the start of the term
  • Kindly make payment by the due date. Failing to do so will result in a 10% interest penalty fee for invoices that remain outstanding for more than 30 days
  • SCPSG reserves the right to suspend your child’s participation in training and matches if payment is not made after the due date
  • No refunds are given due to missed sessions
  • Sessions that are missed due to medical conditions (with supporting doctor’s certificates/note), have to be replaced with make-up sessions.
  • Sessions that are missed due to medical conditions (with supporting doctor’s certificates/note.) for more than 2 weeks, will be prorated on the new term’s invoice only for boys/girls attending 3 times a week training
  • Sessions that are missed for any reason cannot be prorated for the following term’s invoice. We do however allow some form of flexibility by offering make-up sessions in the following term
  • Kindly inform your child’s coach or admin when you your child plans to attend a make-up session
  • In the event cancellation of a class due to bad weather, we will advise on a date for a make-up session.
  • There will be no credits / refunds / make-up matches offered for absenteeism on match days.
Once a week training
  • Make up sessions can be done on the other 2 training days
Twice a week training

Make up sessions can be done on the remaining training day

Three times a week training

Make up sessions can be done by training on a day with the lower/upper age group. (As shown on the table below) Kindly inform respective coaches and they will suggest the proposed session that is most suitable for a player.

Weather policy
  • We will update everyone via respective team chats 30 minutes before the training session whether the session will be cancelled or delayed.
  • We will either stop, delay and recommence training when there is lightning or heavy rain
  • We will inform everyone via respective team chats if the training session is cancelled – We always train in the rain unless lightning alert
  • Always presume training is on, unless we notify you
  • The pitches and clubhouse are lightning protected
  • Due to Singapore weather, sometimes we will make a judgement error and your child will be inconvenienced. They will be safe waiting at the clubhouse.